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For the beautiful smile and the bright teeth!

During orthodontics treatment we pay extra attention to the healthy mouth as well as to increase the esthetical experience. Orthodontics for children and adults is one of our main services.


Handling milk teeth is as important as that of permanent teeth, later. We always put special emphasis on our youngest patients as well, so that they could not fear or leave without information. They are also treated professionally, painlessly to prevent them from gaining eventually unpleasant experience for the future.

Classic and Special Prostheses

The crowns and bridges of superior quality provides you with the perfect, long-term and esthetical solution, as there is nearly no difference between them and the natural teeth. Do not place any obstacle in the way of your beautiful smile!

Oral surgery

If you need special oral surgery treatment such as complicated tooth extraction, or removal of wisdom teeth and that of surgery cyst, root of tooth, root resection, as well as sinus lift or bone grafting, these services are also available in our Dental Clinic.


It is applied in case of missing teeth as the perfect and extremely durable method in dentistry, being one of the most effective tools to solve both functional and aesthetical problems related to lack of teeth. By using tooth replacement in implantology, the prepared crown is similarly as strong, can be used and looks to be naturally good as our own teeth.

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The confident and pleasant appearance is one of the essential conditions for the well-groomed and beautiful teeth as well as for the healthy mouth, that high standard of quality we strive to make our services available to everyone at a very favourable price.


Our principals: outstanding quality, trustworthiness, proficiency, painless treatments, no waiting, long-term solutions and highlighted care

Should you have any dental problem, issue or just question we are at your disposal.

GB Dental

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  • Customized services
  • Professional team
  • Extraordinary favourable prices and high-level services
  • Pain-free and punctuality
  • Retention is above all, but not at any cost
  • Excellent materials and up-to-date equipment
  • Fairness and empathy
  • Patient focus
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