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Combined dentures

Combined dentures

The goal of the prostheses is to restore the harmony of the face and the chewing ability decreased due to the absence of a tooth. The wrinkles appeared due to the lack of the tooth will vanish, the face will be relaxed, and it will regain its original shape.

Prosthesis has an important role in phonation too, so it will terminate the speech disorder. We can classify the types of prostheses, the crowns and the bridges according to their materials, while we can split the removable prostheses according to the rate of the missing teeth. The combined prostheses mean the combination of the fixed and the removable prostheses.

In a case, when we want a massive fixation with the partial denture, we make combined denture. For this reason we make a crown or a bridge on the existing teeth and we fix the removable part with a hidden anchor (there is no visible, aesthetically- ruining metal clasp).

This denture provides a bigger safety for the patient, aesthetically it is finer, and it is less probable that it will shift during chewing than using a partial denture.

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