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Composite fillings

Composite fillings

Operative dentistry is one of the most important fields, as it includes all kinds of treatments which targets preserving healthy teeth. The dental decay is one of the most frequent dental problems, which became endemic as well. It could be prevented with regular home and clinic care.

Operative dentistry treatments are the followings:
  • Composite fillings
  • Inlay/Onlay/Overlay
  • Root canal treatments

During composite fillings the dentist drills the decayed part of the tooth, using anaesthesia. Then we use a special under-lining material, after that we place in the filling material, which we illuminate with a lamp to help it set.

These materials have a big advantage, applying them we can reach a perfect aesthetic impact, this way we can preserve not only our teeth, but our beauty as well. We call them light-curing composite fillings.


The fillings can be applied for minor or medium-size dental decay on both front and molar teeth, but they also can be used for replacing the edge of incisors and canine teeth and for sealing the abrasion of cervical neck of the teeth also

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