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Crowns and bridges

Crowns and bridges

The goal of the prostheses is to restore the harmony of the face and the chewing ability decreased due to the absence of a tooth. The wrinkles appeared due to the lack of the tooth will vanish, the face will be relaxed, and it will regain its original shape.

Prosthesis has an important role in phonation too, so it will terminate the speech disorder. We can classify the types of prostheses, the crowns and the bridges according to their materials, while we can split the removable prostheses according to the rate of the missing teeth. The combined prostheses mean the combination of the fixed and the removable prostheses.

In our Dental Clinic first we prepare the tooth, make an imprint, on which our dental technicians will make the crown or bridge with microscopic precision.


To give the impression of a natural tooth during the replacing procedure we shape the porcelain up tailoring both in shape and colour. After imprinting we make the framework (metal, gold or zirconium), then the porcelain-cover. We advise you in case of lack of a tooth, broken tooth, strongly discoloured or injured front teeth filled several times, old, wrongly adjusted crowns, but it can be made for implantation too.


Porcelain fused to metal restoration:

It is a metal framework, an alloy of cobalt-chrome or nickel-chrome, which is produced with casting in dental laboratory, then building up the porcelain cover. The porcelain covers the metal on every side of course, so aesthetically it is correct and out of sight.


Porcelain fused to gold metal restoration:  This case the framework is a gold-alloy, which is considered the most accurate dental metal.


Ceram porcelain:  aesthetically it is one of the most beautiful types of crown, which is absolute metal-free, so we recommend it first of all in case of front teeth.  It is a perfect solution for single crown but we do not suggest it for bridges.


Zircon ceramics


Zircon crown is a kind of prosthesis of the highest quality; it is suitable to meet all kinds of requirements. We recommend it if our patient would like to regain and get the perfect aesthetic impact.


This crown is totally metal-free, so no allergy can appear, which is really important nowadays, when so many people suffer from it. The teeth made of this are lifelike; with the help of the tooth-colour code they have natural impact, match the other teeth. To produce it we use CAD/CAM technology, which is the most existing precise one.


Due to the shoulder-preparation our patients will not experience any discolouration in the future, the state of the gums will remain good and it will slow down its shrinking.


The advantages of the zircon ceramics are the followings:

  • Top aesthetic and lifelike impact
  • No allergenicity, metal-free
  • Favourable light transmission feature
  • Better matching with existing teeth than with porcelain fused to metal restoration
  • No grey gum-line
  • Biocompatible
  • Very tough and durable


Acrylic crown fused to metal:  this is the least aesthetic, since it loses its colour as the time goes. On top of it, does not cover the metal-framework properly, just its external surface.

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