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Digital diagnosis

Digital diagnosis

The first step of a successful dental treatment is the personal consultation. The purpose of the personal consultation is to find out the present state of your teeth and if necessary, using digital diagnostic devices (panoramic X-ray, intraoral X-ray). We detect the problems that require dental treatment. Your dental specialist provides you detailed information about your dental problems that need to deal with. We talk about the possible, ideal solutions to these problems, taking into consideration your ideas and possibilities. The outcome of the consultation is described in a treatment plan, so that you know everything about your future treatments and their prices

Importance of digital Panoramic Xray



A physical examination of the oral cavity gives a general overview only, which usually is conducted by instruments (mirrors, probe). Due to the incidence of oral tumours, we focus on the oral mucosa, tongue and on the palate.


The second important pillar in the diagnosis is the radiograph. In the dental practice this is carried out with a digital X-ray machine, here are the most important advantages of this technology, among other things the speed, magnification options, sharpness and scalability.

Huge advantage of digital radiography is that compared to conventional X-ray technology, the radiation dose can be reduced tenfold.

By preparation of a panoramic radiography important patient information is obtained concerning the state of the jawbone, also to the naked eye not visible injuries below the gum line, location of nerves and possible sources of infection. Also dental disease can be detected by using an X-ray, which cannot be detected by a normal oral examination.

The panoramic X-ray is supporting the dental treatments, design of the dental prostheses, and a significant role in locating dental inflammation.

Tooth inflammation is a treacherous nest of bacteria that produce toxins and can damage the whole organism. Inflammation in the body leading to chronic inflammation, in which the organism responds with a delayed immune deficiency and on the long term, weakens the immune system permanently. The constant elimination of bacteria in the bloodstream can lead to secondary diseases, which are also known under the name of inflammation diseases (such as long-lasting joint pain, hair loss, etc ...).

That’s why it is so important to recognize in an early stage the occurrence of a dental inflammation.

Modern X-ray devices, which can be found at our dental clinic, offer a great help for professional dental care.



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