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Fixed orthodontic appliances

Fixed orthodontic appliances

Orthodontics deals with treating abnormal disposition of teeth, dentition and jaws. There are several reasons for these disorders including heredity, abnormal change of milk teeth and bad habits like thumb sucking, tongue thrust swallowing. Irregular teeth can result not only in aesthetic questions and lack of self-confidence but it can involve several other problems. Due to the irregular position of the teeth it is more difficult to remove the plaque, this way it can lead to dental decay or higher magnitude of tartar.

It is more difficult to clean the interdental space, which could provoke constant gum inflammation. It can cause difficulties in biting triggering pain and even burdening the joints of the jaw very much. So we can see orthodontics is inevitable both for children and adults.

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They can be applied as glued-on tooth-devices both for children and adults. These appliances can be used if the permanent teeth from 6 to 6 both up and down are in the mouth. There is no upper age limit of this treatment. The fixed orthodontic appliances consists of many elements.

We use brackets, glued onto the canines, incisors and pre-moral teeth, while on the molars we glue so-called tubes. For molar teeth we can glue a so-called ring either, but with the tubes it is easier to clean the teeth. Wearing it is also more convenient.

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