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Natural teeth whitening

Natural teeth whitening

Cosmetic dentistry is not an independent section of dental services. A special attitude is required from the dentists, who do their best to create natural, lifelike colour and shape of teeth so that you can get a pleasing, natural smile.

To achieve this, unique technology and materials of the best quality are needed. Cosmetic dentistry includes teeth whitening, ceram-porcelain, zircon-crowns, fillings, in/on/overlays and tooth jewels.

Natural teeth whitening is a technology, with which we dissolve the discolouration from the microscopic cracks with whitening gel. It will not cause any damage to the teeth enamel and it will restore the original colour of the teeth.The main condition of the whitening is to own clean, sound teeth. Pre-treatment is needed before it. In most cases a professional cleaning and scaling are necessary to be carried out or occasionally some of the teeth can need a treatment to make them suitable for the whitening.


The followings can trigger discolouration: coffee, tea, cigarette, vegetables containing colourings, fruits, red wine, food and drinks containing colourings, medicines and the change of tooth-structure while aging. We have to emphasize that this whitening procedure can be applied only on natural teeth after a thorough medical consideration.


The types of the teeth whitening:


In our Dental Clinic we prepare the precision splint for the upper and lower teeth-dental arch according to the teeth-model. At home the patient has to put the whitening gel into this splint- after tooth brushing - then place it onto the teeth. We suggest applying it for 8-10 nights. In the morning the splint has to be removed, then tooth brushing comes, and placing it on at night again. In case of sensitiveness the patient can quit one day.



This treatment is advisable to apply 1-2 days after a professional cleaning. It needs less time comparing with the Home version. More than one shade can be achieved within a short time. We can get the required impact with whitening gel on the surface of the teeth then we apply a special blue light: the result will be bright, white teeth.

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