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Polishing and finishing

Polishing and finishing

The oral hygiene treatments are mainly preventive, including scaling, cleaning teeth and treating inflamed gums. Besides the treatments, we offer our patients oral hygiene consultation as well.

Dental prevention means to avoid pathological process in the oral cavity and in the teeth, and to slow down the existing damaging process. The aim of the preventing treatment is to avoid dental decay and gingivitis. These are considered to be endemic diseases in Hungary, as the majority of the population is involved in them.

Oral hygiene treatments are mostly removing plaque and tartar. What are the typical symptoms? First of all, bleeding gums, bad taste in mouth and unpleasant breath. If your gum started to bleed, there must be a problem behind it, so we strongly recommend visiting our dentist as soon as you notice it.


Polishing is able to create the base of the proper oral hygiene. There is less possibility that tartar will form on a smooth, clean tooth-surface, so with appropriate dental care habits we can avoid further tartar build-up.

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