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Tooth jewel

Tooth jewel

Cosmetic dentistry is not an independent section of dental services. A special attitude is required from the dentists, who do their best to create natural, lifelike colour and shape of teeth so that you can get a pleasing, natural smile.

To achieve this, unique technology and materials of the best quality are needed. Cosmetic dentistry includes teeth whitening, ceram-porcelain, zircon-crowns, fillings, in/on/overlays and tooth jewels.


Tooth jewel is a special effect, which will enhance the beauty of your teeth making them more attractive. Moreover, this technology will do no harm at all to your teeth. It can be placed on in 10 minutes; it will sparkle on your teeth for a long time. Once you would not like to wear it, it can be removed in 5 minutes without leaving a trace.


There are some important rules you should keep after it was placed on:

  • You must not eat one hour after the treatment.
  • You must not touch the jewel or play with it after the procedure.
  • It is not advisable to eat solid food for 12 hours, but you can drink right away.

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